Our extensions have been used by 10MM+ Viewers and installed by 30,000+ streamers Worldwide.

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Stream Minigames

Stream Minigames is a Twitch Extension that allows Twitch viewers to collectively play a variety of cooperative and competitive multiplayer games directly on top of a live stream. Need to take a quick break or get snack? Our minigames will keep your viewers entertained while waiting for your return.

Teamfight Tactics Companion

Gives viewers insight into all Teamfight Tactics champions, classes, origins and item combinations allowing them to strategize with streamers while they play.

Fortnite World Cup Standings
  • Provides the real-time standings of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers weekly tournament

  • Updates week by week automatically

  • Tracks the player standings movement throughout the tournament

  • Multi-region support


Twitch Extension that allows viewers to pay to play Text-to-Speech directly on stream! Support for multiple languages and dialects.


Twitch Extension that allows viewers to create, view, and react to Reddit-esque discussion threads on a Twitch channel.